Monday, March 14, 2011

Do I or Don't I...

I just applied for a job today.

I have not worked in nearly 3 years. I was on maternity leave when my hubby received his job offer for Saudi Arabia and we have lived here for nearly 2 years.

I have just kinda been feelin an itch to get back to work. Interact with adults, talk about something other than diapers, potty training etc, sit and be able to work on something or think without interruptions for the TV, snacks or toys. I applied at my son's school. I sent an email to inquire about positions. They currently do not have any but said here in Riyadh people are always leaving to return home after contracts are up. I did not want to start until the Sept 2011 school year begins anyway. They liked my experience and wanted me to send in my resume. We will see if anything comes from it.

With my son already attending this school, my daughter due to start next year, it would be a handy place to work. I am not a teacher, I am an Executive Assistant, so I applied to work in the office. We can all take the school bus together in the morning and afternoon.

This of course will depend on whether or not we decide to re-sign another contract with my hubby's job.

We will see...