Saturday, August 13, 2011

Trying to get into my groove...

I have been home a week now. I am still trying to get my ass in gear. I just seem to have no motivation to clear out the suitcases, do the laundry etc etc. Perhaps it is because it is 50 degrees outside and I have to kids under foot. That is enough to make anyone just try to hide under the covers all day.

I am doing my best trying to keep them busy. I take them on trips to the grocery store, very exciting I know. They argue and bicker about everything. Why can't they have to Kung Fu Panda cereal; can we stop in the toy aisle; why can't I have this giant bag of candy and the one heard most often "are we done yet". I take them to the pool a couple times a day. Since it is so hot during the day we cannot stay out to long. We go again later when the sun is setting. I hate putting them in front of the TV all day but sometimes I just need some peace.

To top it off I think I am going thru withdrawals. I could so use a nice cold beer or a glass of cold wine. My mouth is watering as I write this. If you haven't heard alcohol is illegal in Saudi.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer Vacation


I am back.

I took off to Canada for most of the summer. I am back in Saudi and it is HOT! 3 weeks until school starts, lets see if I can make it in one piece and without having a mental breakdown.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Let The Fun Begin

Yesterday ( I know it was Saturday but that is the first day of the week here in Saudi) was the first day of summer vacation for my little guy. It was 2pm before I heard "I'm bored".

I am so happy we are leaving on holiday back to Canada until August. Altho I am kinda concerned that we will be back here for 3 weeks before school starts.

I love that commercial they have in Canada when back to school begins...."It's the most wonderful time of the year".....

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May I Please...

Why do I feel the need to ask "permission" to do something???

Yesterday I received an email from a friend inviting me to join her at a function at the French Embassy. An evening concert of classical music in the gardens, food and drinks. A chance to get away from the kids for a few hours, I was really excited.

Here is the conversation:

Me: Anne (not real name) emailed to invite me to a concert on Wednesday night. Is is ok if I go? You will be home from work and I will have the kids ready for bed before I leave.

Hubby: Why do you want to listen to classical music? Is it in the budget, yeah know we have a budget.

I didn't even bother answering out loud. My internal monologue went "F@&k you, I enjoy classical music and the $40 will not be breaking the bank. Did I question if the IPad 2 you had to have, was it really needed or in the budget?"

I should just say "Hey I am going out on Wednesday night. The kids will need fed, bathed and put in bed. See ya....

Monday, May 16, 2011

And The Verdict Is...

We are staying in Saudi Arabia! for another couple of years anyway.

I am ok with this. I am settled here, have made some good friends and know my way around.

The "abnormal" has become "normal" !

We are heading back to Canada for a holiday this summer to get a break from the 50 degree temps.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Man Purse

One of the things that really annoys me is when the hubby asks me to carry something for him.

It starts with...

"Do you have any room in your purse?"


"Can you fit my wallet?"

"What about my cell?"

Then when we arrive at our destination...

"Can you hold my keys?"

WTF, how big does my purse have to be. To carry my things, the kids items and now the hubby's. I think I need to get a little suitcase to drag along behind me.

In order to stop this now I just make sure I carry a very small purse. The kids things go in the stroller.

So when he asks I can just say in a nice polite tone "Oh sorry no room, you should get yourself a man purse!"

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday- Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone)

Feeling lost for words today so...

80's Rock Rules!!!

Takes me back to my teenage years when life was simple, tho I may not have thought so at the time.