Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Visit To Turkey

Due to the high level of interaction between countries in the world today, diplomatic offices are needed in each country to aid in and allow such interactions to occur. Therefore embassies and consulates are generally found in capital cities worldwide.The embassy is responsible for representing the home country abroad and handling major diplomatic issues, such as preserving the rights of citizens abroad.

In Riyadh there is an area called the Diplomatic Quarter where all these embassies are located. The ground on which each embassy sits is considered that countries soil and therefore Saudi laws do not apply.

This weekend I went to a party at the Turkish Embassy. There were vendors selling an assortment of items (ie. rugs, clothing, jewelery). There was also a large buffet lunch, don't ask me what I ate but it was yummy! There was entertainment with musicians and children folk dancing. I didn't purchase much just some DVD's (bootlegs are huge in Saudi due to the strict censorship). I got the Season One of Glee which I cannot wait to watch. I first saw this show on the airplane and fell for it. Also got some Christmas DVD's for the kids, a really pretty scarf and some earrings.

All in all a good day!

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