Monday, January 10, 2011

Snowy Holiday

We have returned from our holiday in Ireland.

My Dad lives there and I go every year but it has probably been about 10 years since I went over for Christmas. What a year I picked. The news said it was the coldest December in 125 years. I noticed when I was in London's Heathrow Airport waiting for my connection flight that a lot of flights were delayed or canceled. Mine was only delayed an hour. Lucky because the next day the airport closed. When we arrived in Ireland it wasn't snowing but about an hour later after we had collected our luggage and going to the car it was snowing. It continued overnight and all the next day. News reports said it was the most snow since the early 60's. I don't drive there (cannot drive a standard car which most cars are there). I usually don't need it. My Dad lives in a small seaside town with a village that has everything I need, only a 5 min walk. Shops, cafes, parks... However, getting thru the snow with my stroller wasn't going to work. As you can expect a country not use to this weather, plowing streets and sidewalks does not happen. My Dad would drop us off each morning and I would call when I wanted to come back. Unfortunately the temps which were about -18 degrees were not good for the kids to play outside. The weather changed after Christmas, about 2-5 degrees, still low for there but much more bearable.

I don't know what I am going to do when it is time for us to return to Canada and have this type of weather for months every year. I am sooo not a winter person. By the time it takes me to get the kids ready with jackets, boots, hats, mitts and myself I am exhausted and don't feel like going anywhere.

All in all a good time "home for the holidays" I love spending time with my Dad and he enjoys seeing the kids (even if he does complain about the noise and mess).

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