Monday, April 11, 2011

She's Back...for now

Been away for a while.

It was my son's spring break so I decided I needed to get out of Saudi for a holiday. Went to visit the family in Ireland again. I love it there plus it is a cheap holiday (somewhat) we only have to pay for airfare, which isn't cheap. We had great spring weather and enjoyed our time there. We also had a chance to see some family we haven't seen in years. Sometimes I think I could live there. It is such a nice little village, life seems simple and easy. Altho, the grass always seems greener...

Now that we are back we need to decide if we are staying here or going. We are so on the fence with this. There are pro's and con's with each.

Stay tuned as to whether "Lost in Mommyland" will be relocating...

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