Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Bad Kid

I like to think my kids are good. They have their moments of course, they are only 5 and 2. But I just have to call their name or give them the evil eye and and they jump to attention (usually).

There is a new kid in our compound. I always try to reach out to new expats. I know what it is like to be in this very strange place for the first time. It is overwhelming.

I meet this woman and her son at the kids karate class. Her son is the same age as my little guy. He is clinging to her peeking out every now and then to watch the other kids. We start talking and I tell her that he will have to come by our place and play with my kids sometime. She was very pleased with this idea, she wanted him to have some friends.

After seeing this kid around the compound over the next week or so I change my mind. He is no longer shy and seems out of control. He jumps around on the shopping bus, banging into everyone. He chases cars (that are moving). He pushed my little lady out of the way to try and get on her bike. At karate he never pays attention, grabs the teachers props, hits and kicks things. Last week I wasn't at the class but my husband told me he jumped on my son and started wrestling with him. This was during the class, my little man was sitting there listening to the instructor and next thing this kid was on him. During all these instances his mother stands there and in a quiet voice says "Stop (insert kids name)". He never listens.

My kids would never get away with this. I am strict with them and they don't get away with much. I don't think I am being a "parent snob".

Needless to say I have not invited this kid over and don't intend to. His mother also drives me nuts, she talks and talks, about nothing. After a while I tune out, it is just like listening to Charlie Browns teacher.

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  1. OH I loathe parents that refuse to make their children have some form of respect and behavior. So I have a standing rule. If your kid is in my house whether you are there or not I will treat them as if they are mine. So don't act all shocked when I jerk a knot in their bratty butt and set them straight on acceptable behavior. By the same token I would expect you to correct my child in your home.