Thursday, February 10, 2011

@$#%! Friday - The Girls Part Deux

In a previous post I spoke of the "lost girls".

My story has taken a sad turn. My bra has been feeling a little uncomfortable lately so I decided to measure myself. As it turns out I no longer fit into them. My size has been reduced to a 36AA!

Try finding that size in a store, not too many around, I was lucky to find 32A before. I am happy to report I did locate some. I was in the lingerie department of Marks & Spencers and found some! Ok, it was in the "junior miss" department as I like to refer to it, but whatever. There wasn't any black or red sexy lacy numbers (can no longer be picky) but I did manage a plain white and also a gray one. Just happy they don't look to "little girlish".

After getting home and cutting off the tags I read this Q&A attached to it.

The hubby and I had a good laugh at this one. There was even tears. Not sure it is was because we were laughing so hard or because of the sad state of my breasts (or lack thereof). Altho he was quite excited about the possibility of a school uniform.

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