Saturday, November 27, 2010

Back In The Desert

The vacation is over and the family has returned to the desert.

The holiday was great. Phuket is a great place with plenty of things for families to do. The beaches are beautiful and the ocean is warm like a bathtub. I think I also may have put on a few pounds due to the fact I had huge plates of Thai food every night. It was sooo yummy! There was also plenty of wine and beer. I certainly made up for the fact this is not available in Saudi. I managed to get some time away from the kids at the spa. I had 3 Thai massages, if you have never had one it involves stretching and deep massage. You wear loose clothes that allows alot of movement. I also had 2 foot massages, a facial and a mani/pedi.

The temps here in Saudi have dropped a bit. Daytime temps are around 25 and night time are 5 (brrr). I need to go thru the kids closets and see if any of their jeans and long sleeve shirts fit anymore. Funny how this now seems chilly to me. I am in for quite a shock when I return to a Canadian winter.

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