Tuesday, November 2, 2010


BC (before children) I started doing Pilates.

I continued thru my first pregnancy with Pre-Natal Pilates. My class was during my lunch hour downtown. The class started with 5 people. By the time my due date rolled around I was the only student left. Which was good and bad. I enjoyed the private sessions (especially since I was paying for class ones) but the teacher had no one else to focus on but me, so she worked me hard.

During my second pregnancy I took Pre-Natal Yoga. This time I took a class close to my home in the evenings. The class was large and it was funny to see each new first time mom come in only a few weeks pregnant and they would look at us near the end of our terms with fear. After my second baby was born I took Mom & Babies Yoga. With a toddler and newborn in the class with me it was hard to get much serious exercise done, but we enjoyed it.

When we moved to Saudi I picked up a few DVD's to do at home. Never did them, I need to classroom setting to be motivated. Finally our compound started a Yoga class 2 times a week and I jumped at it.
So each Saturday and Monday evenings when the hubby walks thru the door I pass him the kids and say "so long"! This is my time to shut out everything and think of myself, do some meditation. At the same time get some exercise.

“I bow to the divine in you”. Namaste is a traditional Indian greeting of respect and thank you, with spiritual and symbol meaning. This is done with your palms pressed together at your heart, and lightly bow your head and shoulders.

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