Saturday, October 9, 2010

Blondes Have More Fun

This is true for me. I have always been blonde but after living in Saudi for about 6 months I was totally bored. I went to the hairdresser and said I want to be a brunette just to add some excitement to my boring existence here. I loved the dramatic look for a while. This weekend I decided I needed to return to my roots and I am lovin' it! Being blonde just seems to brighten up your whole face.

The salon also has a spa so I treated myself to a facial as well. While laying there being pampered I found my mind wandering back to the kids. Did the hubby remember to give them lunch? Hopefully he wasn't letting the boy nap (the hubby would usually do this while the baby napped) so he could have a break. Spending a few hours alone with the kids just wears him out, poor guy (insert eye roll here), then at bedtime wonder why he won't go to sleep. The kitchen was probably a mess, toys will be everywhere and so on.

This is suppose to be my "down" time but all I do is worry about what is going on back at home. I am just not able to switch it off.

Perhaps someday I will be able to walk out and leave it all behind when I close that door. I look forward to this day...

Special Note:
To my fellow Canadians - Happy Thanksgiving. I miss this time of year so much. The crisp cool air and the colour of the leaves. Enjoy...


  1. You lie... Brunette is where its at hoe!

  2. Oh, man, I can totally relate to those feelings when you leave the house. My hubby stayed home with my son the other day and all I could think about the whole time was how much of a disaster the house was going to be, did he dress the boy warmly enough, make him wash his hands before lunch, etc. etc. Sure enough the house WAS a disaster but the boy was ok, so that was good.

  3. Brunettes are totally better!!!! :)

  4. Isn't that the truth. I'm so not relaxing many times away because I'm worrying about the same stuff - are the kids getting their naps, did he feed them a lot of crap for lunch (or worse, take them to fast food)? Will I have more to do when I get home as a result of leaving? Sigh. We moms take on so much.

  5. Hope your Thanksgiving was good too! And no, you will never leave it behind...I'm telling you cause no one ever told me...HA!!