Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Not A Stepford Wife

I knew when I became a stay-at-home mom I would not be the type to be all "pretty" when the hubby gets home from work. Dressed, makeup, dinner on the table, this does not happen in our house.

I am a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl, if I have gotten out of my pj's that day. Or since we moved to Saudi it will be shorts and t-shirt. My hair will be combed, occasionally, usually just thrown in a ponytail. Makeup will be a tinted moisturizer with SPF.

One thing that I will not let slide is the house cleaning. I need to have everything neat and tidy. With 2 young kids you can imagine how tough this is to maintain. The hubby came home late last night and was hungry, he would usually eat out. I didn't feel like cooking anything myself so I took the kids outside to play and left him to it. Before we left I made a point of casually mentioning how hard I worked to tidy up after the kids and finished dinner, hoping he would get the hint and keep it that way.

Wishful thinking...

I returned to dirty pans on the stove, dishes in the sink and every cupboard in the kitchen open. What the f*ck is it with this guy and cupboard doors, he always leaves them open! I decided to leave it and hope he was going to clean it up later, didn't happen. There is a f*cking dishwasher how tough is it to put these things in there.

I got to thinking - maybe he thinks this is my job? Is it, now that I am home?
If he is expecting a stepford wife he is going to have a hell of a wait...

Saw this picture and had to post it - hilarious considering where I live!!

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  1. Man, I hear ya! I get very stressed when my house is upside down, but with 6 people & all their crap crammed in to 1800 sq.ft., it gets worse by the day...there's just no where to put shit! Worse, no one else lifts a f**king finger...seriously! And they wonder why we're always so bitchy lol