Saturday, October 2, 2010

Don't Hate Me Becuz I'm Beautiful

Most men complain because their ladies take such a long time getting ready to go out. They spend hours in the bathroom doing god knows what. When they finally emerge and ask "how do I look" you better have the correct response without hesitation.

In our home one of us changes our clothes numerous times – indecisive and unsatisfied. We put on one outfit, discard that one and try another then another then another…only to end up in the original outfit 30 minutes later while the partner sits patiently waiting, more likely, impatiently waiting. They have so many items in the bathroom you could open your own drug store.

You might be thinking that person is me because I’m the girl, after all and isn’t that what girls do? Yeah, that’s the stereotype.

In our home "the girl" would be my hubby.

I can get myself and the kids dressed, house tidy, snacks packed and then we sit and impatiently wait for "the lady" of the house to pull herself together.

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  1. Just have your hubby put on his "daisy duke's" like in the good 'ol days!!! Seriously, our men have no idea what the term multi-tasking means. Mine is so used to being focused on himself, he has no idea what it takes to get us out the door. S,lie, you're not alone!