Monday, October 4, 2010

Lost - My 2 Girls...please return

never had a large chest, not even average. I wore a size 32A and even that was roomy. But before children everything was in proportion.

While pregnant I went to a 34B which was perfect in my mind. Unfortunately after 2 kids my girls decided not to return. My body had gotten wider (rib cage & hips) during pregnancy and stayed that way - I now wear a 34A. Shopping for bra's is such a pain for me. Nothing fits properly. Even my hubby has commented about the girls leaving. I now understand the term "flat as a board".

I am not against plastic surgery. I am sure the hubby would love a little improvement up top but is not willing to fork out the dough. So perhaps I should give this a try...

Boob job in a bottle: The £125 gel that says it'll make you a half-cup size bigger

Hell I am willing to try anything.


  1. Oh sister I hear your pain. Hear you every day. In fact, I was so depressed by the state of the girls between kids, that when they came back to full glory just after Mr. Man was born I took a photo. Yes, a real in front of the mirror naked photo. The reason, I want to take that to the plastic surgeon and say, "I want to look like this again. Go." I was in a full state of depression over the deflated, stretched, hanging, nipple pouting post breast feeding girls. Will I do it? Time will tell. For now, pushup bras are my friend.

  2. OMG, me too! Funny since this has already come up today with Sandra on her blog as well ME, I USED to have big honkin' C cups. Admittedly, a little large on my tiny frame...however, after 4 kids & a decade of nursing, my pancakes barely fill my daughter's AA training bra. And seriously, not to seem gleeful about it, but thank God some of you share my pain! I never knew there were others! EVERYONE I know kept or got even more of the whole boob thing after their EVERYONE I know...even the Moms with 3 kids & even the Moms who nursed like I did...& like, they all have BIG boobs, C cup boobs or more. It can be depressing....but at my age, I'm not sure I care enough to do the surgery thing. Not like I really need them anymore, other than for clothes to fit properly lol

  3. You're not alone, girl. The only reason my boobs look halfway decent right now is because I'm still breastfeeding. By the looks of them, they're destined to really deflate once I wean my little girl. I'm so not looking forward to it. So...if you don't mind I'd really love for you to give that product a try and report back to us with any results. I figured by then I'll be ready to give it a try! lol
    Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day.

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud

  4. Boob job in a bottle? Wow. I would be afraid to use it for fear of developing a third nipple - I agree, push up bra is the way to go on this one.