Saturday, October 23, 2010

@$#%! Friday

Ok, it is really Saturday here but it is still Friday somewhere so I am posting a @$#%! Friday post along with "The Mayor". In Saudi the weekend falls on Thursday and Friday and even tho I have lived here for over a year it still f*cks me up!

Last night while I was watching tv and the hubby was on his laptop looking at emails he mentioned that a group of his friends are on a "guys weekend". They all flew from Toronto to Dallas for a baseball game and some other sporting event. They were sending him messages from some world series playoff game. He said if we weren't in Saudi he would have gone with them. WTF!!! He can fly all the way to Dallas for a weekend but if I ask for a day at the spa here in Saudi he asks if it falls into my monthly budget?!

I said does that mean I could also go on a "girls weekend" when we return to Toronto? He said what do I need a weekend away for? He works all week and never does anything for himself - WTF!!!! This conversation was just going from bad to worse. I decided to bite my tongue and let it go.

Sometimes you have to treat your hubby like the children - you have to pick your battles.


  1. DUDE! Sounds like my horse race hahahahahaha! I hate that, just had the same frikkin convo while he sat on the couch watching the Leafs for 3 hrs & I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off....I said, "What makes you think your responsibilities to this family begin & end with driving to work & back again????" RIGHT?? Geezzz! So why can't you drink heavily??? Something to tell me?? Or is it something about living there??? Saw the pics, the new digs look great, hopefully taht's made it easier for you & the kidlets??? So glad you played along, regardless of what day it is hahahahaha!!


  2. Bite you tongue. There will be no more announcements of that kind here anymore. Alcohol is illegal in Saudi. I think you just get arrested, for drugs it is death! You even get arrested for taking pictures that is why I don't have many outside our compound.

  3. Are you kidding me??? Man I feel so sheltered & uneducated! And grateful I guess! Geez woman, come home soon kay?? We'll drink heavily together then take a shitload of drunken pictures! :-)

  4. that is CRAZAY!! men are STUPID!!! lol and i can't believe alcohol is illegal there!!! holy moses woman!!! what do i have to do to ship that shite over there?!?! i'll think creatively and get back to ya.... lol

  5. Oh man, that's crazy! You deserve a day at the spa! My dh, is the same though...I work all week and blah blah blah....ummmm, yeah and so what's the point? I look after the kids all day everyday and work at night and on weekends. Here's to "me time" one of these days!

  6. Totally agree...I choose my battles all the time!