Thursday, July 15, 2010

What A Crazy World

I haven't been able to get onto the computer as much lately. I actually have a life now. Which is great but I have got behind in my writing and reading online.

By now some of you have heard that The Mayor over in Crazy Town and I have run into each other. Well not actually met yet, but I have met her mother and sister. Seems like the wild and crazy universe has decided we need to met. For what reason - who knows. I just go with the flow...
But I cannot wait to get to know her better.

My week here so far has been spent seeing family and friends. It is so nice not to have to plan anything (where I need to book my driver) and just wake up, decide what to do, hop in the car and go. I LUV driving again. Cruising along the highway, windows closed because it has been so damn hot here, listening to tunes. Ok the tunes are Barney but that is ok - I sing along. As for the heat I know I live right smack dab in the middle of the friggin desert where it is a million degrees but we have no humidity. It's a killer.

I will continue to jump online and keep you up-to-date on my vacation adventures. So far we are off to a great start!


  1. Surely you're used to HEAT by now though right?? LOL!! But seriously, the Barney has GOT to go! And how can I get in on this Girls Night out??!! I just got my first tatt up the road from where you are...good place to go, & they have a patio right next door for drinks before...ummm, after?? I did both...LOL! Good luck with the belly button, I can't find anyone who will redo mine cause of scar should FB me where you may wind up tonight, we may be hitting the dance floor ourselves!!!


  2. We were in Port Credit - where I lived before the move. Very late night stumbling in at 3am. Email me the info for the tat place - didn't make it over the weekend. Perhaps we can meet for a drink or two before and after :)

    As for Barney, whatever keeps the backseat drivers quiet. BTW, I saw your Areosmith pics. I have seen them a couple of times. First one at the old Exhibition Statium and met Joe Perry wandering around there before the show. He signed my ticket!