Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Yesterday my hubby came home and announced he had read an article about menopause. He proceeded to inform me that the symptoms I am having are normal. No shit sherlock! I didn't need you to tell me that.

When I had my second baby, by c-section, we had decided we were not having any more children so I had my tubes tied. When I finished breastfeeding my period returned like normal for 2 months then disappeared. I figured it was the stress of our move. When it still hadn't returned after 4 or 5 months I went to an OB. She ran tests and said it seemed like I was in early menopause, most likely due to my tubes being tied. I was fine with it, happy in fact! Come on ladies, if you are finished having kids who needs a period each month. The downside were the symptoms that go along with it. Hot flashes, mood swings ....

However the thing my hubby was most interested in was the mention of low sex drive. Because it is all about him, right? Sure it may be part of it but could it also be the fact that I am looking after 2 young kids, a house and on very little sleep. Even though both my kids sleep through the night now, I still don't. It seems that with all the years of disrupted sleep it is now a habit.

God forbid I suggest my hubby look after the kids for a week or two and let me have a much needed rest. Maybe then he will get some sex.

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  1. Oh hell no bitch! are you kidding me??? Mr. CB thinks that life watching 2 kids, FIGHTING and YELLING and being ASSHOLES ALL DAY LONG is a bowl of fucking cherries!!!