Monday, July 12, 2010

The Veil Has Been Lifted

Ok the trip was a little bit hell but sooo worth it! Stepping out of the airport on a bright sunny afternoon. It is strange but you forget the colours in the world. The sky was bright blue, trees and grass so green. This might sound weird to everyone but living in Saudi there is nothing but the colour beige. The sky is the same colour as sand. The houses are the same colour as sand. I cannot even explain the feeling of coming out from under my veil. A great weight has been lifted.

A huge thanks to my sister and her hubby for putting up with us for 10 weeks!
I have the best sis in the world.

Have been Skyping with my other (but not better) half. Saying how much he misses us. Pullezzz, don't give me that shit! I know he is just laying around in his own filth loving the peace and quiet.

That's what I would be doing if the roles were reversed.


  1. YAY, welcome home!! So glad you have this chance, enjoy it to the fullest! The hubby will survive, they always do LOL...the question is, can you survive cleaning up after him with 10 weeks left unattended??!! Teehee!


  2. We are actually moving while I am gone. So I will be returning to a new, clean house.

    Planned that well :)