Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Let The Sun Shine In !

Yesterday was my birthday. Not that I pay attention anymore. Instead of being a time to party it has become a time to dread. So I just sit back, hope no one remembers and I won't be another year older. But I did receive a wonderful present from The Mayor over in Crazy Town, either she is psychic or has friggin great timing. She passed along the "Sunshine Award" to me. I have only been blogging a few weeks now, what a great honor to have received already. It actually brought a tear to my eye when I read her sweet comments. Thanks so much my new friend.

In order to accept this award I have to pass it on to 12 other blogs that bring me sunshine! Since I am so new to this I don't think I am able to pass this along just yet. So stay tuned.


  1. FRIK!!! Just typed out a hugely long comment & it crapped out without posting!! Now I've lost all that witty banter & exciting build up!

    Glad I helped make your day nicer, happy happy birthday to you chickie!! But the real reason I came by...you better sit...& take a breath...yes really!!

    I spent the day at the beach with my mom, my kidlets, my niece, & the son of very close friends of our family's....my mother natters A LOT, lol, so I was barely listening...she was telling me about this woman she met Sunday. At said friend's house...for said son's (& daughter's) b-day....she's talking about her living in Iraq or Iran for her husband's job....with 2 small kids. Then she says THIS....she just flew in on Thurs to spend 10 weeks with her sister....WAIT, WHAT????? NOW I'm listening!!! I ask, could it have been Saudi Arabia????? My mom says YES, that's where it was!!!

    There is NO way in HELL that wasn't you....no way in hell THAT is a coincidence....Canada is big frikkin country, I am flabbergasted to think you have wound up smack dab in MY neighbourhood!!! Seriously, COME ON!! If it's true, you may be the FIRST person from our blogging community to ever meet The Mayor in person!!! And you live the furthest away!! HOLY CRAP!! It was you right?????!!!! There's no way it wasn't you!!!

  2. And PS Mayor...I'm telling Mom what you said...bahahaha...love, the Mayor's sister... :-)

  3. I just finished replying to your sisters FB message to me. I have not seen our mutual friend in god knows how many years. But when I was home for Christmas last year a mutual friend of ours (Andrea Jones) ran into him when she was coming to visit me here at my sisters. That got me thinking about him so I friend FB'ed him. He saw in my update that I was coming home and told me to stop by on Sunday. Were you there? As I mentioned to your sis, I tend to look for bloggers in Canada (makes me feel closer to home)I didn't expect them to be a couple of houses down the street! I haven't told any of my family or friends about my blog, just incase I say something nasty about them :) I certainly didn't expect to run into someone from that community - there goes my cover.

  4. Hello! Here to be a friend, the Mayor has introduced us.

    I love her, so I'll love you, and come see me and I'll come see you and we won't be lonely anymore.

    Shall I sing it to you?