Friday, July 23, 2010

Kidz Say The Funniest Things

Today was a rainy day so we head off to the shopping mall. We make a stop for coffee and snacks and while sitting there my son says "look how big that mans belly is". Not quietly either of course. I am trying to shhh him and explain how that is not very nice and we don't say things like that. All the while trying not to giggle. A time my BFF always remembers was when we were in a restaurant having lunch and of course during the meal my son has to go to the bathroom. After doing his business we return for him to yell across the place to my BFF that he went poo!

What is your funniest "I can't believe my kid said that" moment?


  1. oh, too funny. and embarrassing!! happy friday funny with the mayor.

  2. I couldn't list just one, it would be unfair to all the other embarrassing incidents that want to be told!

  3. Oh my, where do I begin?? Which kid, which time LOL! Lately it's been the baby's imitation of Oliver from Hannah Montana...saying Funky Funky Fresh WORD....'cept it doesn't quite come out that way....gotta love 'em! SO glad you played along with our Friday fun! :-D