Tuesday, July 20, 2010


The last concert I went to was Coldplay when I was 6 months pregnant. So last night felt really good to get out without the kids and let loose. I went to see Jimmy Cliff. For those that do not know who this is he helped popularize reggae across the world. I guess along with Bob Marley he would be the best known Jamacian artist. It was like a huge dance party at Massey Hall. Anyone that has attended a concert at this great theatre in Toronto knows what a wonderful venue for a concert it is.

What would have made the night complete would have been if my hubby had been there. He is still back in Saudi due to join us here in about 3 weeks. He would have really loved it. My hubby was born in Kingston, Jamacia. He always said how crazy it is that we found each other. I was born and raised (until the age of 5) in Belfast, Northern Ireland. So for 2 people from totally different parts of the world to find each other is funny to us.

I guess another example of a "it's a small world".

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