Friday, July 30, 2010

Look Who's Talking

I was like everyone else with the first child, trying to teach them everything immediately including talking. Every new mother cannot wait until the first
"mama" comes out. With any children after that it is not the case. At least not with me and with some others I have spoken to. You try and delay everything as long as possible. You know as soon as they start crawling/walking they will be into everything and you will be forever chasing after them. As for the talking, you will begin to hate the word "mama" after hearing it for the millionth time in one day.

Unfortunately, after a while they just start to pick things up by themselves. While I am on vacation here staying at my sisters my little lady sleeps in the same room as me. This morning I am laying there pretending to be asleep because I heard her moving around. Of course there is the "mama" which I ignore and hope she will just go back to sleep. Instead the next thing I hear is "shit". I am thinking, did she just say shit? Only to hear it again. I don't think this is what she was really saying but in her baby babble but it sure sounded like it.

Note to self...when in the car driving with the kids and I feel the need to curse because some asshole just cut me off of jumped in front of me at the drive thru coffee shop, remember "internal monologue".

Tomorrow we have a road trip to Montreal. A friend and I are driving with all our kids (her 3 & my 2) ranging in ages from 8 - 21 months. We have plenty of snacks and movies ready. I sorta feel like Thelma and Louise - unfortunately we don't have Brad Pitt as a passenger.

Have a great weekend!


  1. LOL! Just wait till they turn 10, then you'll really hear some good ones!!!! Have a nice trip to My town. I hope you love it as much as I do!!! Make sure you find the time to visit the old port, it will make you gaga! Let me know how your trip went? As for me, we are leaving in the morning for Niagara Falls, the kids have been bugging me for years to go!!!

  2. Teehee! My 4 year old started saying Dammit, over EVERYTHING, out of nowhere recently...totally NOT my fault, cause MY words are MUCH worse hahahaha...I tried to ignore it in hopes it would stop, but finally had to teach her darnnit it the 4th, she comes out with A LOT of stuff that makes ya go WTF?? I'm worried when she heads to Kindergarten, I may find myself in a whole heap of trouble because of her crazy little mouth!!

    Enjoy your long wknd, just did Montreal in May & it totally rocked! Make sure you take the kids to Old Montreal & the town square & waterfront, my kids LOVED it, we had a fabulous day down there! If you find time, break up the drive by stopping in the 1000 Islands along the St. Lawrence river, great spot to picnic/sightsee along the way, right off the highway!! Stay safe, drive safe, & have fun chickie!! :-D